Live from TEDxUOS (part 2)

4 min readApr 24, 2021

15:15 Welcome to part 2. How good was part 1? The speakers were incredible and the acts were great. I’m certainly buzzing from it all and can’t wait for the next speakers.

15:15 The i360 is the next stop.

15:16 Anya Berlova

Berlova is the founder of two anti-bullying startups through which she aims to help people to build resilience against bullying through many different mediums. During the pandemic there has been a rise in loneliness and cyber bullying and Berlova is going to discuss how we need to harness the powers of new technology to empower members of society.

15:18 Berlova tells us about the terrifying statistics behind loneliness and screen time and how the current pandemic has seen a sharp rise in both.

15:20 What can we do about loneliness? Berlova talks about using technology to empower people. Technology such as virtual reality has the possibility to improve mental health through helping people connect with others.

15:22 Such relevant talk, I am sure many of us have felt loneliness during this pandemic but I did not know that it can increase aggression.

15:25 Berlova also discusses robots as a way of reducing loneliness. A pet dog sounds great!

15:26 That was so interesting, it’s nice to think that there are people working with technology!

15:28 We are now at the laines and we have another interactive element for you to do.

15:29 Dee Dragani

Dragani is a Doctoral researcher in Media and Communications at the University of Sussex. Her talk highlights the representation of trans people in the media and is inspired by her own life.

15:31 Dragani talks about her experience growing up. She saw trans sex workers being killed over and over again on tv. She saw people dying because of their transitions.

15:33 Shocking statistics about the lack of transgender people in films and tv.

15:35 I completely agree and have to admit that I was so naive about the representation of transgender people in film. It’s so great to hear Dragani spread the word. She hopes that more directors start to follow the few that have begun to be LGBTQ+ inclusive.

15:36 It’s sad to hear that there was nothing around for Dragani when she was growing up and that’s what she needed. She is asking us to speak up for the Transgender community, she has certainly convinced me. What an inspiration. As asset the transgender community.

15:39 I’ve been waiting for this, so amazing! Hope you are enjoying as much as me. A Cappella Society of Sussex — SUCCINCT

15:41 How incredible was that?? We are now at the bandstand, i’m loving this tour!

15:42 Maruša Levstek

Levstek is a PhD researcher at the School of Psychology at University of Sussex exploring the psychological and social role of music-making activities for young people and children. Her talk explores the role of music and if the act of making music with everyone around you can be replaced virtually.

15:44 Levstek talks about how arts engagement in the UK in schools has dropped. During the pandemic this fell further.

15:46 Levstek has spent the last 3 years looking into how music effects younger people. She has found that the social aspect surrounding music is so important, people can be accepted in music making.

15:48 “Music can bridge the gap between those marginalised and those privileged.” Levstek believes this can help the wider society. Music can really help us all!

15:49 So that’s the end of the second part. Join me in the final live blog post with the last 3 speakers. Don’t forget to check out the Well Being Wall during the break!





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